Sweet Treats

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Candy Buffet, Chocolate Fountains and Ferrero Rocher Hearts

Sweet Treats


Here at Choccy Fountains HQ, we have been expanding our Sweet Treats Range, from a Full 20 Bin Pick n Mix Stand to Ferrero Rocher Hearts and Pyramids - all the way down to Popcorn Carts and Chocolate Truffle Filled Wedding Favours.


Like our Chocolate Fountain Packages we do not compromise on quality with our Sweet Treats - unlike some companies we do not scrimp on the amount of sweets in our Candy Buffets - and you choose the types of sweets not us.


Our Ferrero Rocher Stands are filled to Bursting with the Little Golden Wrapped Treasures and you can also have Rafaello Chocolates to give another choice.


Our Popcorn Cart is filled with Hot Freshly Popped Corn and a selection of Flavour Shakers to delight your guests.



Pick n Mix Stands / Candy Buffets


With your choice of sweets - we can provide either 20 Bin Pick n Mix Stands or Candy Buffets


Our Candy Buffets come in Tall Martini Glasses, Low Bowls and Dishes with the table decorated to match your colour scheme



Ferrero Rocher Stands


Choose either a 10 Tier Pyramid or a Beautiful Heart Shaped Stand filled to bursting with Delicious Ferrero Rocher Chocolates


Our Heart comes filled with either 192 or 384 Chocolates


Our Pyramid comes filled with 340 Chocolates


Popcorn Cart


Who can resist the smell of freshly popped corn


We go one better, we add your choice of flavouring - choose from a wide selection including Chocolate Marshmallow, Caramel, Salt and Nacho Cheddar - plus many more.


This Package comes Staffed